Palmer Commons

Mark Tucker, Art Director for the Lloyd Hall Scholars Program and founder of the popular local event Festifools, invited students to design and create a 1,235-square foot mural. This mural is now installed in the 4th Floor Atrium at Palmer Commons, a location visible from many positions both inside and outside the building. In designing the mural, several students were guided by the theme of language. More importantly, though, all of the students who created this mural 'exercised their visual language skills throughout,' in Tucker's own words. The title of the resulting mural, 'Language: The Quintessence,' reflects this focus, and represents an important creative and visually striking element of the Theme Semester.

Palmer Commons permanently holds many large, abstract oils by students in Jim Cogswell's painting class at the College of Art & Design. These paintings are displayed throughout the building and are one of the great strengths of our collection. Some of these pieces have been with us for many years and their color, form, and texture lends a vital dynamism to our space. Their impressive scale and presence must be experienced in person.