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Through Water - Student Art Exhibition

We currently have a piece of art from student Alyss Munson on display on our 4th floor Atrium. It will be up from March 17 - 31. 

Artist Statement from Alyss Munson:

I look to explore my personal experiences by reflecting my subconscious through mixed media including primarily painting, printmaking, and fiber arts. Constantly thinking about bodies of water, their inhabitants, and my dreams, I am inspired to make surrealist work about the interactions connecting them all. 


Exhibition Statement:

Executive Zoom Rooms

Our executive boardrooms 4 & 5 have been recently upgraded to U-M Zoom Room. Each contains an 86 inch LG Nano Smart TV, a Polycom X70 auto tracking HD video/audio bar, and a touch screen control panel that allows you to start your meetings with the touch of a button. These rooms also allows for wireless screen sharing of any content from any device by simply inputting a share key when you enter the meeting. Remote participants can view the content being shared as well as see and hear people in the room as if they were there.

Palmer Art Submissions

Palmer Commons is looking for student art to fill our buildings! If you are interested in showing your work in a Palmer Commons space, or have other art-based ideas for any of the spaces, please apply below! Acceptance is rolling, and open to a wide variety of medium, so submit anything you're passionate about and we'll be in touch!

Palmer Art Submission Application

Thinking of going virtual with your event?

Video conferencing has become a cornerstone of successful operating procedures for most organizations. It allows people to have flexibility and work remotely. With the right technology and support, they can make your meetings just as productive as if they were in person.



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