Palmer Commons

Pre-Planning Before Submitting Your Reservation Request

  • Determine the event objective
  • Budget for your event  Palmer Facility Pricing
  • Estimated guest count and desired setup

(Include presentation areas, exhibit and attendee areas and comfort)

  • Event date, alternative date

(If the date is flexible, we will provide calendar availability)

  • Event start and end times along with setup start and end times
  • Is catering needed, feel free to contact any of our catering partners, Palmer Catering Partners

Reserve Your Space with Palmer Commons

  1. Request event space online Palmer Commons
  2. If catering order, please confirm with one of our partners at least 8 weeks in advance.
  3. If no catering will be served, reserve your space at least 4 weeks in advanced
  • Spaces will be confirmed once they have been scheduled
  • Return signed confirmations for reservations as soon possible
  • If spaces/reservations need to be held, the period is 10 business days only

Connect with Your Event Coordinator

(Upon event confirmation)

  • Communicate your event expectations
  • Provide agenda’s itinerary (overall event schedule), personnel set-up time.
  • Provide vision for all event components (AV, room setup, catering, décor)
    Ask any questions
  • Determine post –meeting action items and deadlines 

Be Aware of Deadlines

  • Check form of payment and deposit deadlines
  • Catering menu selections are due 3 weeks prior to the event
  • Basic event setup and audiovisual needs are due 2 weeks prior to an event larger events they are due 3 weeks before the event
  • Final guest count is due 1 week prior to an event


Day of the Event

  • Contact the Building Manager or check in at the Welcome Desk upon arrival
  • Confirm accuracy of the room setup
  • Check in with the building manager and perform a sound check if necessary
  • Setup any décor or registration materials you have brought


After the Event

  • Complete the event evaluation (will be sent via email)
  • Finalize all payment for all services
  • Inquire about availability to host your event again


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