Palmer Commons

Diagram of exhibit setup scenarios

Exhibits can be set up in the Great Lakes Ballroom, Atrium 4 and Atrium 5. A total number of 48 exhibits can be set up in Great Lakes with an additional 25 exhibits setup in Atrium 4. In Atrium 4, all exhibit tables must be flush with the exterior windows. The space will not accommodate for anyone standing behind the table.

On the attached diagram, 6ft tables and a small amount of space between each table have been planned. If you have need for 10 x 10 exhibit booths, please contact our office for advanced planning and to determine the exact number of exhibits that can be setup. Review various exhibit setup scenarios. Should you have more exhibits than we have space to display them, setup adjustments will need to occur. 

Exhibit Resources
Cloth and skirting for each exhibitor can be ordered for your show. If you need to order linen resources for your show, please contact the Palmer Commons Event Services Office 734.615.4444

Shipping Materials
Shipping, Receiving and Storage: Palmer Commons can receive/manage incoming shipments up to 50lbs only. We are not responsible for processing outgoing shipments. All shipping fees must be paid by the client/group/guests that has reserved and confirmed event space. No COD packages will be accepted.

The facility scheduling office must be notified in advance of planned shipping arrangements. Due to limited storage space we cannot receive event material shipments earlier than 24hrs prior to the scheduled event. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. If the Palmer Commons staff receives a package for a client/group that is earlier than 24hrs before the event a CHARGE per box will apply.

For groups planning to distribute large quantities of event material a storage/event room should be reserved. In the case of early shipments, a CHARGE per box charge will be assessed if the box precedes the reservation for the storage space.