Musings of a Latina Art Exhibition

Two people dancing

Now until March 31, we are excited to present Musings of a Latina, an exhibition by Gabby Moreno, in Windows Lounge on our 3rd floor.

About the Artist 

My father was born in Mexico and I identify strongly with the culture. Mexican cinema from the Golden Age is an interest of mine that frequently manifests in my paintings and drawings. Equally interesting to me is Argentine Tango, a dance that I have enjoyed since childhood. My paintings and drawings will also reflect this obsession of mine. 

Artist Statement 

As an artist with Hispanic roots, I express my love for my culture with my work. Although I have used various mediums in the past, I have recently gravitated towards oil becauseI feel that the colors result to be very vivid, and I am able to layer and sometimes change the piece I am working on over time, as my mood changes, or I find new ways to interpret and present the idea. 

My father, who is from Mexico, had introduced me to Mexican cinema of the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s which has become a passion of mine, and inspires many of my paintings. Additionally, I am drawn to painting well known dance partners in the world of Argentine tango, as it is a dance that I enjoy very much.