Palmer Commons

Palmer Commons offers 25 double sided 6’ x 4’ boards that can accommodate 50 poster slots. The cost is $15.00 per poster board and includes setup and removal. 

Poster sessions can be setup in the Great Lakes Ballroom and Atrium 4 on the 4th floor.  A total number of 50 (25 boards) posters can be setup in Great Lakes utilizing both sides of the boards, the entire room would need to be reserved for a poster session.  A total of number of 12 single sided poster boards can be setup in Atrium 4 with some catering setup and registration.  This entire space would need to be reserved for placement of the poster boards. 

All food, beverage and registration table needs should be considered when planning the setup.  If your group exceeds poster capacity then adjustments to the room setup will be necessary.

Contact or call 734.615.9259 to request the use of our boards for your event scheduled in Palmer Commons. 

Onsite Resources
Push pins, tape, and scissors will be available for your use. Additional supplies may be available with prior notice. Posters are to be removed by your group as soon as your event has ended. Any posters left in the facility will be recycled unless other arrangements have been made.

Additional Resources
For orders that exceed 50 boards slots or if or your group needs easels only, please contact us for additional information and resources.

Shipping Materials
Shipping, Receiving and Storage: Palmer Commons can receive/manage incoming shipments up to 50lbs each. We are not responsible for processing outgoing shipments. All shipping fees must be paid by the client/group/guests that have reserved and confirmed event space. No COD packages will be accepted.

The facility scheduling office must be notified in advance of planned shipping arrangements. Due to limited storage space we cannot receive event material shipments earlier than 24hrs prior to the scheduled event. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Packages received at Palmer Commons for a group and or event earlier than 24hrs before the event date a per box fee will be assessed.   For groups planning to distribute large quantities of event material a storage/event room should be reserved. In the case of early shipments, a CHARGE per box charge will be assessed if the box precedes the reservation for the storage space.

A storage/event room should be reserved by groups with large quantities of materials to be distributed during an event.