Thinking of going virtual or hybrid with your event?


Video conferencing has become a cornerstone of successful operating procedures for most organizations. It allows people to have flexibility and work remotely. With the right technology and support, they can make your meetings just as productive as if they were in person.

All of our meeting and event spaces can be fully equipped with the latest video conferencing technology by request to fit your hybrid workspace or event needs. Our staff are available to help guide you through the process from start to finish. On the day of your event, we will greet you and get you started. We support the technology so you can be comfortable focusing on your content. 

Our newly installed Zoom Rooms are the latest additions to our event and meeting spaces. They are easy to use and allow you to work seamlessly with your team without the hassle of technical failures. They function the same way as your zoom software does at home and have all of the same features needed for collaboration. The built in HD camera has the ability to track whoever is speaking and the built-in audio bar can pick up sound from the back corners of the room, ensuring that everyone can be heard or seen by virtual participants. You can start a meeting on the spot by the push of a button or you can enter your scheduled meeting ID and allow the built in technology to take care of the rest. 

We also offer the service of live streaming your event on YouTube or just recording it for you to keep. For pricing on these services, please reach out to our event services team at their contact information below.

Why host a virtual event?

It can be cost efficient for everyone. For both attendees and for the host, virtual events are more cost effective across the board. Remote attendance opens the door for individuals to attend from anywhere and with a limited budget. 



Virtual events have the benefit of adding important features like live closed captioning that make your content more inclusive and accessible to anyone. Individuals who have health concerns and prefer to avoid large crowds can participate in the event from their home. 


Limitless Attendance Possibilities

When you go virtual, anyone can attend your event. People from all over the world who otherwise would not be able to can now log in and enjoy your event from anywhere. This expands the perspective of virtual events entirely. Additionally, going virtual may help you attract high demand keynote speakers who otherwise would have time constraints barring them from attending your in person conference, but are able to deliver a presentation remotely!


Creating Reusable Resources and Content

When you host a virtual event, you are creating resources that can be shared and presented on multiple media platforms. You can use this content to promote future events or package them into online courses that people can view on their own schedule. 


Virtual Event Services From Palmer Commons

  • Our Events Services Team can help you plan your hybrid event by ensuring the right equipment is reserved. 

  • When you use our Audio Visual equipment, on-site staff will set up and test prior to your event. Additionally they will be there to help get you up and running at the start of your event.

  • For an additional fee, Palmer Commons can provide an audio visual tech to be present during your event to ensure the event technology operates smoothly from start to finish.

Call our Event Services Team to schedule a consultation
call (734.615.9259) or email [email protected]