Through Water - Student Art Exhibition

Through Water Poster

We currently have a piece of art from student Alyss Munson on display on our 4th floor Atrium. It will be up from March 17 - 31. 

Artist Statement from Alyss Munson:

I look to explore my personal experiences by reflecting my subconscious through mixed media including primarily painting, printmaking, and fiber arts. Constantly thinking about bodies of water, their inhabitants, and my dreams, I am inspired to make surrealist work about the interactions connecting them all. 


Exhibition Statement:

I am exploring themes of self and my identity through nature, and specifically bodies of water in this piece. My concept of self is interwoven tightly into my obsession with marine environments, and I wanted to display that here with myself underwater, as well as with embroidered elements of sea life. This more third dimensional aspect of the piece explores my perception of the world around me.