Tips for Using A/V

People at event with laptops

Arrive at the front of your room at least ten minutes in advance of your session (or the session that precedes yours if there isn’t a break in between)

  • Palmer Commons staff or an AV Tech will check in with the group prior to the event starting to give instructions and acquaint you with the AV set up. If you need assistance during the day please call our welcome desk at 734-615-4444 and we will have a technician meet with you.

What if I have a PC or Apple laptop or a Windows or Android tablet?

  • If your PC laptop has a USB-C, Display port or HDMI, you can connect it easily to a projector. We have adaptors on site that can be used. If you have a Mac laptop you may need a Mini DisplayPort, USB-C or HDMI adapter. Depending on your Android model, you may need to bring a micro USB to HDMI adapter. Also, please check whether the specific app you want to use will work with a projector / screen mirroring. Please inform us prior to your event if you will need an adaptor and we will have this in the room for you.

Can I play video clips, music, a PowerPoint or Prezi, etc?

  • Yes. However, in case of connectivity issues, we recommend saving or downloading everything to your laptop/tablet in advance, rather than planning to stream files from the web or cloud. If you need to play a file from a CD or DVD, you will need to make sure the laptop you bring has a CD/DVD drive. Alternately, you can upload the file in advance. It’s good practice to run any updates and give your computer a restart before you arrive!

Do you have WiFi available?

  • MGuest wireless is free throughout the building. Select MGuest in the list of available networks on your device.  In addition Eduroam is available and is an international roaming service for users in research, higher education and further education institutions. 

Require additional AV?

  • We proudly offer integrated and mobile audio systems, live to Youtube streaming,Video Conferencing Software, PC Laptops, Lecture Capture Recording, Laserlight source 4k Projection, and LED Uplighting.


Video Meeting Best Practices: Do's and Don'ts

Getting Ready

  • DO arrive early. Don't get caught fumbling your way into the meeting
  • DO set up your devices prior to the meeting (speakers, microphone, and camera)
  • DO test your connection
  • DO minimize distractions. Close other computer programs and browser tabs. Be in a quiet place
  • DO consider your impression. Ensure you have a good camera angle and adequate lighting

Connecting from a Computer or Mobile Device

  • DO use wired internet instead of wireless for best connection
  • DO use headsets or earphone to avoid echo
  • DO mute yourself when not speaking. Coughs and keyboard clicks are louder than you think
  • DON'T introduce multiple audio sources into your call. There is no need to dial in by phone too, if you have a microphone and speaker on your computer
  • DON'T use external speakers. They can cause echo
  • DON'T use the speakerphone on mobile devices. Not all devices have built-in echo cancellation. It can result in a poor audio experience

Help a Friend

  • If your hear your own voice echoing, it's not you, it's one of the other attendees
  • If you have the meeting control panel open, look at which participant's name is highlighted when you hear the echo. Have them mute their microphone, or if you are the moderator, you can mute their microphone on their behalf

Web Browser Keyboard Shortcuts

  • M for microphone mute/unmute
  • V for video mute/unmute
  • Hold down your Space Bar to push to talk while muted

Getting Help


For additional information and specific inquires please contact or (734) 615-4444