Palmer Commons

YouTube Video: 

Record your video conferencing meetings, lectures and other presentations and allow the information to be stored and shared live and on-demand (un-edited). You can also distribute the recorded content onto any computers or portable media devices, and allow client specific access.

MiVideo offers unlimited streaming and hosting that makes it easy to tag and filter content, as well as control access. Instructors can use MiVideo through the Learning Management Systems (Canvas and Blackboard). Departments can use the service to support research and marketing and communications efforts.



  • Manages media files

  • Streams videos

  • Provides security features to help manage access and scheduling


  • Offers your content in a branded, YouTube-like experience for viewers

  • Enables galleries, playlists, and social sharing

  • Distributes to third-party destinations (e.g. YouTube, Hulu, etc.)


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